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Expert Witness Services

Frank Vanecek is an accomplished Criminal Justice Professional with over 35 years of law enforcement and trial experience at the City, County, State, Tribal and Federal level with Subject Matter Expertise across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Outstanding Report Writing and Communications skills, including testimony provided in state courts in California, Colorado, New Mexico, New York (Supreme Court), Tribal Court (Jicarilla Apache), Federal District Court, Federal Grand Juries and State Legislative bodies.

Full Spectrum Investigations and Consulting's Expert services can assist you in the evaluation of your case and provide highly competent and credible expert opinions to assist in educating the jury in an informative style, influenced by several years of teaching at the Collegiate level.  Our fees and costs are reasonable and we pride ourselves in accessibility to our clients and superior service.  Initial Consultations are free - check us out.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Law Enforcement Best Practices

  • Use of Force

  • Complex Investigations

  • Homicide Investigations

  • Firearms/Training

  • Gangs/Narcotics

  • Fingerprint Analysis and Comparison

  • Evidence/Crime Scene

  • Interviews and Interrogation

  • Internal Investigations

  • Organized Crime

  • Incident Management

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