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Services for Houses of Worship (HOW)

Faith and worship are an important part of our lives.  As members and leaders in our churches, it is important that we protect our flocks from threats both external and within - the latter being the most common statistically.  Every house of worship should take proactive measures to protect its members from preventable dangers.  This includes appropriate levels of screening for those we employ (including volunteers), and development of policies and procedures to lessen the likelihood of inappropriate behavior, or even the appearance of such.

Churches appropriately open their doors to everyone.  That is as it should be.  But the reality is that in so doing, we also increase our exposure to external threats.  These might be as minor as someone being merely disruptive, or as serious as some of the events that seem to be capturing headlines far too often these days.  Having a plan and some internal resources in place can help prepare, prevent, and mitigate these potential threats.

Full Spectrum Investigations and Consulting's HOW division can provide you with assistance in this process, with fully customizeable and scalable  plans that meets your unique needs, and fit your unique vision.  Services include:

  • Free Consultation

  • Employment and Screening Guidelines

  • Background Investigations

  • Internal Investigations*

  • Security/Threat Assessment

  • Security and Emergency Plans

  • Setting up your own safety/security team

  • Policy and procedure development

    • Money handling​

    • Children's ministries

    • Dealing with emergencies

  • Mitigating risk and liability

*as private investigators, the results of our investigations are fully confidential, and by law only the client receives the information developed.